Large Truck Pricing

Express Detail.......


Exterior- Hand wash, soft cloth/chamois dried, wheels cleaned, tires dressed, inner fenders cleaned and dressed.

Interior- Vacuumed, wipe down dash, doors, console, light dusting, windows cleaned, door jambs washed.

Complete Detail.......


Express + Carpet, upholstery and floor mats shampooed, Headliner cleaned, cleaning/conditioning of all leather, plastics and rubbers, cleaning all cracks and crevices. Premium wax/paint sealant, clay barred, bug/tar/sap/road grime removal, clean, condition and dress all exterior plastics.

Exterior Washing........


Wash, dry, exterior windows, wheels cleaned and tires dressed.

Complete Exterior Detail.......


Hand wash, soft cloth/chamois dried, exterior windows cleaned, bug/tar/sap/road grime removed, clay barred, premium wax/paint sealant, wheels cleaned and tires dressed, all external plastics cleaned, conditioned and dressed.

Complete Interior Detail.......


Vacuumed, shampooed all carpet, floor mats and upholstery, headliner cleaned, cleaning of all cracks and crevices, console, dash, doors and all plastics cleaned, conditioned and dressed, interior windows cleaned.

Wash and Vacuum.......


Wash, dry, clean wheels, dress tires, vacuum interior.

Interior Shampoo.......


Interior shampoo and vacuuming of all carpet, floor mats and upholstery.

Overspray Paint Removal (exterior only).......


Complete exterior detail, clay bar, paint removal and waxing.
-Minimum charge of $125.

Please Note: Descriptions and prices may change at any time, with or without notice.